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HM-40 Nike Missile Testing Site

What I Wore:
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Top: Vintage
Shorts: Penney's
Loafers: KG by Kurt Geiger

While in Florida in 2012 we took a day trip down to The Keys.  Out in the brush of Key Largo we came across this abandoned Nike Missile Testing site.  From the outside it was a long narrow building, which had been overgrown with palms.
The Shining
The inside resembled a hospital, or hotel, as there was a narrow hallway studded with small bedrooms on each side.
There were many of these shackles throughout, which made us believe it may have been something like a jail, prison, or asylum.
These missiles were painted on a wall in one of the bedrooms.
Aside from the main building there were a few smaller buildings which appeared to be garages, filled with equipment.  This sign was found on the wall.  It wasn't until we ran into a Florida state trooper that we were informed of where we had been.

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