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Frohe Weihnachten

Today was spent in Toronto’s Distillery District enjoying the magic and whimsy of the annual Christmas Market.  As we live out of town we arrived quite early, around noon.  I would recommend arriving later in the day though.  There are far fewer crowds before sunset, however it’s perfectly romantic after dark, when the lights have the opportunity to glitter unobscured by the interference of daylight.

Given that the traditional Christmas market originated in Germany, Toronto's Distillery District is the perfect setting for the market.  The Distillery District is an enchanting little historic corner of the city.  With cobblestone streets, lined with old fashioned lanterns and original brick buildings.  The historic site helps add that authentic feel of a true European Christmas market.
What I Wore:
Hat: Top Shop
Scarf: Sahalandy
Purse: Penney's
Mittens: Canadian Olympics
Coat: TNA
Jeans: Second Yoga
Boots: Emu
In the centre of the coalescing cobblestone streets stands this beautiful fifty-two foot tall Christmas tree.  Just left of this tree, reminiscent of The Nutcracker, is a stage which hosts entertainment throughout the day, such as Christmas carolers.
Another highlight are the upside-down Christmas trees-a European custom dating back to the sixteenth century. 
Each street offers little wooden huts, each featuring a different vendor, or artisan.  A personal favourite of mine were these vintage teacups filled with candles.  A lover of tea and fine china alike, I think they are a great repurposing idea and make beautiful gifts.
There are plenty of food vendors as well as cafés and restaurants open with a variety of both Canadian and European offerings, from poutine to mulled wine.  After taking a wander through the market we warmed up with a couple of festive hot toddies inside the Pure Spirits bar.
The addition of the Ferris wheel and carousel add a touch of old world whimsy.
I had a truly lovely time at the Toronto Christmas Market.  Though it has been touted as one of the world's top ten, I'd still love to see an authentic German Christmas Market.  Perhaps I should be so lucky as to have a visit next year!

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