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The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain

Which brings rainbows to the beautiful Spanish countryside
It was actually very cold and rainy the first few days in the Spanish countryside.  Something which none of us were prepared for.  I had only packed a carryon sized suitcase as I was flying via RyanAir later in the trip.  This meant limited clothing and I packed mostly for a sunny holiday in Spain in June.  I only had one sweatshirt and one pair of Lululemon yoga pants (intended for the plane ride home), which I had to wear for three days before it warmed up.  Sometimes the rain meant having to stay inside for one to one’s, which could be very difficult, having twenty-five conversations occurring in the same common room.
On our one to one’s we would often walk down a path leading out from the back of the hotel, which connected with an old carriage road into the small village of La Alberca.  On one occasion we actually saw a couple walking their pet goat!  During the siesta on the second day of the Pueblo Inglés program a group of us walked into the village together.  The village looks like something out of a fairytale!  It is very pretty, with little cobbled streets and baskets of flowers spilling over each balcony.  It think it’s lovely that it is still in use today.
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