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4th of July

 The main reason for travelling to The Cape was to spend The 4th of July in America.  Our fourth day in Massachusetts was spent on the beach, at Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, just down the road from our resort in North Truro.  The beach has amazing, high dunes and with the sun beating down on the yellow sand it really heats up.  I had to run straight into the freezing cold Atlantic when I met the beach.

For dinner I had clam chowder and another lobster roll from a really cute restaurant off the highway.  Stewart's Restaurant & Tavern has a really sweet patio decorated in fairy lights, which can be sparkling from the side of the highway after dark.  The food was delicious, I was just disappointed that they ran out of their special that day, lobster tacos, which sounded AMAZING.

I wanted to pick up some sparklers for the occasion and learned that they have actually been banned in the state of Massachusetts!  For the fireworks we had the perfect spot, watching them from the private beach of our resort, which was across the water from the Provincetown Harbour.  We drank some wine, while hanging out on the beach and didn't have to deal with any crowds, plus we were far enough from the display that the noise wasn't too loud.


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