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High Tea at the Windsor Arms

As a Christmas celebration my mother and I attended High Tea at Toronto's Windsor Arms Hotel in Yorkville, my favourite of Toronto's many neighbourhoods.  We were sat in the Russian Room, a small red room decorated in Russian style and adorned with framed images of the Russian Royal Family.  We were informed by our waiter that the hotel originally housed three restaurants each serving: Russian cuisine, French cuisine and a steakhouse.

We were each served our own pot of tea.  I opted for a black tea blended with rose petals.  The rose petals give the tea a creamy taste, but don't overpower the flavour of the black tea leaves.

Our cake tier came with: goats cheese tarts (meant to be consumed first as they were fresh out of the oven), tea sandwhiches including the classic cream cheese and cucumber, egg salad, croque monsieur and salmon blinis.  Plain and black current scones were found on the bottom tiere, dusted in lemon icing sugar, which melted in your mouth.  The scones could be topped with clotted cream and raspberry, or blueberry jam.  The top tiere housed four cakes, including one topped with a chocolate pearl.  The meal concluded with a serving of strawberries and strawberry flavoured whipped cream.

The Windosr Arms is a lovely place to catch up with friends and family over delicous food and great service, I highly recommend a visit for a special occassion!  I think we are going to make this our Christmas tradition in fact.

Happy Holidays!

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