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Hotel Sacher

  Home of Vienna's famous chocolate cake, the Sacher Hotel is an iconic building in Vienna's city centre.  This is where I had the pleasure of staying for my final night in Austria.  The stunning hotel, is right next to Vienna's opera house, I'm certainly going to stay here again when I attend Vienna's annual Opera Ball in the future.

Adorning one of the walls of the Sacher are some tablecloths bearing the embroidered signatures of famous patrons.  A tradition still alive today, which was begun by Anna Sacher, who would embroider the cloth herself over the signatures. 

 The hotel has a café and several restaurants.  I decided to have one last Weiner schnitzel on my last night in Vienna, accompanied by that amazing Viennese potato salad.

Naturally, I ended the night with a bubble bath in the marble bathroom.  The bathroom plays opera music to you as you enter! 
  Each room is named after a famous opera, or ballet!
 One is gifted a piece Sacher Torte in their room 
 The view from one of the suites...
  ...overlooking the Opera House
 The lounge

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