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Bright Lights, Long Nights

At the risk of making a few enemies, I have long considered New York City overrated.  Not to say that I didn't appreciate the city, but have always thought it garnered more attention than it deserved, considering all the amazing and beautiful places I have seen (& those I have yet to see).  Despite this, I find myself falling more and more in love with this city with each visit.  Each time I come back I feel more at home and more comfortable navigating the subway and different neighbourhoods.  I'm finally beginning to see through the rose-coloured glasses of the dedicated New Yorker.

Central Park


I don’t remember where I found out about Maman, but after visiting the coffee shop in SoHo & Tribeca I realized we actually have one in Toronto, right down the street from me!  Maman has the cutest antique-looking coffee cups and the interiors look like old rustic barns, with weathered paint and repurposed antique tables.  David and I had a quiche in SoHo and I had a pistachio cake when I got back to Toronto and neither disappointed.

Brooklyn Bridge

My first visit to the Brooklyn Bridge!  It is quite stunning in person, though crowded as anything.  I recommend going super early in the morning if you’re looking for a picturesque view of the engineering genius.


I’ve been meaning to check out by CHLOE. for a while now and didn’t make it there on my last NYC trip.  I’m so glad we went though.  I had a guac burger and David had a thai bowl and we were both very happy!  They have perfected delicious, healthy food.  I’m honestly not a fan of coconut water (I find it far too sweet), but I did have to have one of their fresh coconuts with the striped paper straw, which David finished for me, after I was done taking pictures!

Pietro Nolita

Nearly a year ago to the day I joked about dining with Barbie, while in Vienna at a little café with pink faux wicker chairs.  That was until, I came to Pietro Nolita, a fully pink restaurant, which surely would be run by Barbie, were she a working professional in New York City.  I, along with every other girl dragged my boyfriend here for brunch one Saturday.  Luckily, he loved the food, otherwise I may never hear the end of taking him to a pink restaurant.


Admittedly, I am still gutted that I didn’t remove the paper from my cone before taking this picture.  The cone is fully shaped like a fish!  This is the unicorn ice cream from Taiyaki, so cute!

Colette Miller Wings

I have long admired the Colette Miller wings all over LA and didn’t realize there was a pair in New York’s Flatiron District!  David and I wander all around trying to find these, painted on the side of ABC Carpets.

From a specialty chess store in the West Village. 

Ladurée SoHo

Taken outside Pizza Beach, which we didn't make a reservation for on a Saturday night, so had to go next door for a more generic slice.  Next time I'm hoping to go!

cute advice in the Flatiron District

I'll be back in New York next weekend for the 4th of July, as always, recommendations welcome!


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